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Many people maintain a Journal through their Chemo journey.

I (Soumitri) have made a site containing video journal and other videos on the topic of Chemo. The content in this site is not curated – the plan therefore is that in the future this content would be thoroughly whetted and curated before being placed here. Click here to go to Chemo Diaries on ScoopIt.

Here is a description that explains ‘how to’. (Source:

Before I started chemo, my oncologist asked me to come in for an information session to learn about the process and how to cope with it. A qualified nurse practitioner took at least an hour describing in copious detail all the adverse reactions I might experience. It was overwhelming and exhausting. One week later, when I started chemo, I was terribly worried; a swarm of negative emotions and images ran through my mind, all of which were unsettling. Later, I shared this experience with Dr. George Pratt, a meditation specialist, and he realized that this fearful information session may have created negative mental imagery for me, something I was completely against.

After I completed my first sessions of chemotherapy, I realized that out of the hundreds of potential side effects, I seemed to be experiencing only a small number. I selected 10 to track on a daily basis to see how they progressed during each day of the two-week chemo cycle. Below is the table that I used for each 14-day chemo session; I filled out this one in particular during my fourth session after 8 weeks of chemo.